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Do you know that cleaning the air duct is necessary after the duct installation? However, many may think the air ducts can carry out the tasks with no issue by leaving them disregarded for months or even years. Those air ducts may be doing more harm than good to your health! As time goes by, dirt, dust and moulds accumulate in the air ducts will give rise to indoor air quality issues that are detrimental to your health. Therefore, if the air ducts at your home or work have not been cleaned forever and a day, make sure you call the experts in no time for post-installation duct care service.

Regular Cleaning after Duct Installation

It is indisputable that consistent post-installation duct care ensures the air ducts’ performance and provides top-notch indoor air quality. The positive impact is attributable to dirt and dust removal in the air ducts. As a result, regular duct cleaning after the duct installation can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the air ducts. Moreover, if the post-installation duct care was performed thoroughly, it would also lengthen the lifetime of your air ducts at home or work. Bear in mind that your air duct performance is just as good as its weakest link.

Routine Inspection for Air Filters or Damaged Parts

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Besides, a routine check is imperative in our services for post-installation ducting care. In essence, make sure that the air filters are situated in the right places. The initiative is indispensable for the unwanted air particles or dust to be filtered out. On top of that, an inspection for any torn or damaged parts and dislodge in the duct lines. With that, any problems and issues found in the post-installation duct care can be identified and rectified promptly in the wake of the inspection.

The Use of Proper Ductline Hygiene Consumables

In addition, air duct cleaning and sanitising are significant in the post-installation duct care service. Duct cleaning establishes an air duct to be free from dirt and dust. On the other hand, a professional manoeuvre in sanitising the air ducts via spray-on procedures is highly effective against the moulds hidden in the air ducts. Furthermore, service providers should utilise proper duct lines hygiene consumables. For instance, using the specific purpose evaporating-tea-tree-gel is the cherry on the sundae for the post-installation duct cleaning service.

Similarly to a water-supply infrastructure, air ducting transfer equipment requires regular repair and maintenance to achieve consistently high performance. Nevertheless, this issue has been overlooked for many years, resulting in excessive energy bills and decreased tenant comfort. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. With the post-installation duct care service, besides increasing the airflow in the air duct, the overall performance of the air duct improves by 37 per cent. What is more, you will then observe a notable drop in the energy bills!
If you’re looking for a professional air-duct-cleaning service provider, DuctMates is here to save the day! Should you need any assistance, kindly reach us by filling up the enquiry form or call us at 1300 238 287. We are more than happy to help!

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