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TRST Gel 500grams – Value pack (3 packs)

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SKU: D5921

A specialised timed release evaporative gel that sanitise your indoor air that circulates throughout your home. Keep your family safe at all times. Be ready for the colder days and trust Ductmates’ Trst-Gel.

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TRST Gel 500grams

  • Timed Release Sanitizing Tea Tree Gel 500gram (Badge)
  • Made with Australian certified tea tree oil (Badge)
  • Inhibits the 20 most common bacteria, yeasts and moulds that circulate through air conditioning systems (Badge)
  • Natural and environmentally friendly
  • Aromatic and fresh fragrance
  • Prevents bugs from spreading through your Air Conditioning.
  • Suggested use of Commercial Hospitals, Offices, Homes, Hotels and etc
  • Place in airflow areas
  • Keep out of reach of children and pet

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Biege, Black, Grey

1 review for TRST Gel 500grams – Value pack (3 packs)

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