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evaporative cooler cleaning

Air duct cleaning refers to the elimination of numerous contaminants and impurities such as dirt, mold, dust, and bacteria from within complex duct systems. Duct cleaning is an effective approach to enhancing the indoor air quality of your home. Those who have an HVAC system in their houses need to conduct duct cleaning after regular intervals to ensure the proper functioning of their ACs. However, you shouldn’t attempt to do the task on your own. Rather, call an evaporative duct cleaning professional who is an expert in such tasks.

How to clean air ducts

The entire duct cleaning phase is a step-by-step process as listed below:

  1. A rigorous inspection of the ducts: Every technician will conduct a rigorous inspection of your air ducts before putting his hands into action. This will let him detect the loopholes in the ductwork. It also allows the technician to assess the extent of build-up before cleaning. During this phase, he will check for leaks and other duct problems that demand attention. If there are leaks in the air ducts, your HVAC won’t function smoothly.
  2. Implement negative pressure vacuum: To clean your ductworks, the technician needs to create negative pressure. In that case, you won’t inhale the indoor polluted air. Closing all the air supply registers is desirable to boost the negative pressure. Thereafter, the vacuum will be turned on to start the evaporative cooler cleaning
  3. Agitate the dust: Your technician will implement strong suction gears to clean the ducts. If there is a dust build-up, you don’t have to panic as the technician has powerful instruments that stir the movement of settled dust. The technician should also clean the supply-side ducts and return vents, and you can also expect him to eliminate settled dust from the main lines. This will give room for more efficient vacuuming.
  4. Clean the HVAC system: When the air ducts and vents are cleaned, the time has arrived to reassess your HVAC system once more. According to NADCA (National Duct Cleaning Association), the HVAC components including the drain pan, evaporator coil, and blower motor should be cleaned. If these components are cleaned, they will contribute to the air quality in your house.

What equipment do duct cleaners use?

Nowadays, there are several types of equipment for evaporative duct cleaning purposes. Modern-day duct cleaners are smart enough to use these systems. Ranging from small handheld tools to heavy machinery; air duct cleaners have everything under their control. Besides these accessories, duct cleaners will possess at least one inspection tool in the form of a CCTV camera with flexible cables, a periscope, or a simple mirror.

Brushes, vacuums, and other agitation devices are some of the basic cleaning tools. You can clean the air vents on your own with this equipment but it’s not recommended. If you do this wrong, all the debris will flow into your home from the air ducts.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your air ducts after regular intervals can work wonders for your HVAC system. If you want to reap the benefits of a top-performing HVAC system, you have to clean the ducts in the right fashion. There are certain steps that need to be implemented in this regard. So, the best option is to hire an evaporative cooler cleaning expert as he is acquainted with all the above-mentioned steps.

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