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As an industry leader with fully qualified professionals, we stake our reputation on the blue-ribbon services we offer. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, you can rest assured that with DUCT MATES you will be joining a team, a family and a mate.

Uncompromised work quality

Our duct cleaning specialists handle every project with earnestness and meticulous care. On top of that, our workmanship and great attention to detail set us apart from other companies that offer duct cleaning services in Melbourne. 

Family Owned Operations

Just like you, our founders,  very much a family man who enjoys home life. With kids of their own, they recognize the importance of your young ones’ health.

In order to boost the family’s well-being and happiness, both have arrived at a consensus that a clean home is a happy home. And what can be more important to our family’s quality of life than the air we breathe into our lungs? 

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Do you have it in you? Making healthy income while providing good customer service. Be one of our highly qualified team member – The Ductmates HVAC Hygiene Technicians.

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