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Duct Smell & Odour Removal Cleaning

An undesirable “critter” may become trapped in your air ducts or vents from time to time. Alas, the mouse, rat, squirrel, or other creature that gets stuck in your air duct never has a happy ending. It may take you some time to notice that an animal has died, but the odour is undeniably strong and persistent.

Other rancid smells can occur for other reasons such as smoking cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana, mould and mildew (damp basement), toilet overflow or other plumbing leaks, heavy rainfall flooding and dead animal in the heating duct. Not to mention the Nonenal odours from the aged/seniors homes as well as the burning smell from ac vents in house can be sickening.

Fortunately, Ductmates is here for you. Whenever your air conditioner vents smell musty, give us a call. Our expert technicians can remove any weird smell coming from AC vents in house to make your home feel fresh and healthy again.

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Signs you need duct odour cleaning

According to a recent CSIRO study, 500,000 Australians live in dwellings with air toxicity 20 times higher than the NHRMC’s national guidelines. It took some people ten weeks to reach the recommended weight. Dust and lint collect inside and around the ductwork, creating an ideal environment for germs to thrive and make the central air vents smell musty. Bacterial exposure can eventually result in allergic responses and other unpleasant symptoms. 

Due to restricted airflow through the return air duct and around the heater fan unit, it can also lead to a fire mishap. Because of dust and lint in the air grille, ductwork is mostly to blame.

With a dedicated team of qualified and experienced inspectors, technicians and consultants from Ductmates, it is possible to remove all the nasty air duct smells.

Benefits of eliminating air duct odours


Wondering why you need professionals to eliminate the smelly air ducts?

Because professionals have the necessary equipment to clean the nooks and crannies of the vents, professional cleaning enhances performance. Clean air ducts use less energy and thus help you save money on your electricity costs. You will benefit from improved indoor air quality, as well as fewer allergies and respiratory problems.

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Common Queries

The recommended gap is 1-3 years. But, there can be issues earlier and you should not ignore those alerting signs for calling the specialists.

The foul smell can be due to the dead animal in heating duct or other deposits of dirt. Inhaling such unhealthy air and gases can cause respiratory problems. 

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  • Keeps your beautiful home free from dust coming from ac vents
  • Eliminates musty odours and unpleasant smells
  • Improves the system's efficiency and reduces the energy bills
  • Sit back and relax while we do all the dirty work
  • Avoid getting painful injuries from cleaning difficult, convoluted places

Why Choose Ductmates

  • Available 24/7
  • Qualified and experienced duct cleaning technicians
  • All services are carried out according to strict industry standards
  • Available for both commercial and residential set-up
  • Verified payments methods availability

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Here are some examples of Duct and Evaporative Cleaning works, before and after.

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