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Duct Cleaning Near Me

Duct Cleaning Near Me | 5 Things to Do Before You Hire

Getting the right person to do the right job with the right skills at the right time is vital when it comes to duct cleaning. You wouldn’t want to bring in random people into your home without properly checking them out. Thus, it’s wise to make sure of a few things first. Here are some great tips on how to best choose a duct cleaning service provider near you.

1. Research the Background of Duct Cleaning Companies

To ensure that your home is properly cleaned and left uncontaminated, you would want to do a little digging on the duct cleaning companies in your area. Knowing how long they have been in business helps you to determine their experience with cleaning air ducts. Putting your ducts into the hands of those who’re still trying to learn the business might not be a good idea.

2. Learn about What The Past Clients Say

A duct cleaning company’s excellent record speaks for itself. With most companies realising the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing in promoting sales, they often ask clients for feedback and testimonials if they’re satisfied with the service. Thus, go for a duct cleaning service provider that has no problem with providing you with a few references from their past clients. 

Since we’re all in this digital world, there’s nothing you can’t find on the web. Besides merely getting responses from the companies, go google up online customer reviews. Check if they have received any customer complaints or involved in any affairs.

3. Compare the Services Offered by Each Company Near You

Knowing a company’s standing is not enough to determine if that company suits your needs. You will have to check if the duct cleaning companies near you offer inspection before the cleaning because your duct system may require specialised cleaning procedures.

In addition, learning about the measures that will be taken by the companies will also protect you and your loved ones from contamination. Ask them what kind of cleaning agent and technique that they are using for you to do further research. Though certain treatment is good for preventing future growth of biological matter in your ducts, it may be harmful to your health.

4. Check if the Insurance is Included

Don’t hesitate to ask the duct cleaning team if the service comes with insurance. This is not the time for you to be shy as it matters in keeping your home safe from any damages during the cleaning process. Making sure the company working for you offers reimbursement will also safeguard you and your loved ones in case of an accident while the workers are on your property.

5. Verify the Charges Before Engaging A Duct Cleaning Service

Since different duct cleaning service providers are charging differently, ask for a quotation so you’re aware of potential costs. Many duct cleaning companies in Melbourne are now offering free quotation, so why not? Then, compare the rates before you make your decision.

We might not be your first choice for the price we offered, but it is of vital importance to highlight how our team abides by the highest ethical standards in this field. We don’t play price games, etc.

It’s the experience and value, we DuctMates, focus on giving our customers. Attentive to details and expert in duct cleaning, we follow a rigorous process. We don’t rush for a job and this job can’t be rushed. That’s why we charge more.

Lastly, remember to get all costs and fees associated with the services outlined in a written agreement to avoid future potential disputes.

DuctMates, The Duct Cleaning Service Provider For You in Melbourne!

All in all, it might not be the smartest thing to do for hiring the first duct cleaning service provider you found. Do proper research and choose the best one for your home. If you’re seeking for a professional duct cleaning service provider near you, DuctMates are willing to help. Feel free to call us at 1300 238 287 or fill up the enquiry form for free quotations now!


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