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7 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About your HVAC System

Nowadays, an AC is common in every home. During summer, we love the cold air blowing from the AC’s air flow vent. It gives us relief from the sultry weather. Air conditioning keeps us cool and relaxed. Several research studies have even concluded that it makes us more productive. Though most individuals have some knowledge about the cooling system of your house, given below is a list of a few things you may not know:

Things you should know if you have an HVAC system in your house

  1. The first AC system was used way back in 1902: The very first HVAC system was put to use in 1902 at a publishing firm in New York. The air conditioner was installed to prevent the drying of ink in the book due to high humidity in the summer months.
  2. AC machines are getting larger day by day: The newer AC models are larger than the ones being replaced. If you give a close look, you can feel the difference. It is because energy regulations have called for an increase in the minimum efficiency rating over the last few years. It’s the main reason for which the air conditioners are getting larger.
  3. Change your air filter on a regular basis: If you don’t switch out your air flow cleaner, it will give you trouble in the long run. The major cause of HVAC failures is clogged air filters. So, you need to change your air filter every 2-3 months. It is even more important if you own pets.
  4. Closing your vents will affect your HVAC system: Those who are willing to cut down on cooling bill charges tend to close their vents. But, do you know it harms your AC system? More specifically, closing your airflow vent puts a strain on the HVAC system. Of course, you can cut airflow to a certain room but it won’t redirect the air. There are high chances that in the future your AC system will cause bigger problems. So, even if you are saving money now, you have to incur huge costs afterward.
  5. Choose a licensed HVAC technician: When it comes to AC servicing, most people opt for an HVAC technician who is immediately available. However, it may not be the right call every time. You should probe into the license of the HVAC technician to get a clear idea of his services. A licensed technician means he has enough professional experience and training required to execute the task.
  6. AC issues are often electrical: Mostly, the root of an HVAC problem is electric-related. Sometimes, the issues also arise in airflow cleaner. The common issues come in the form of blown capacitors, tripped breakers, and blown fuses. When any such issue arises, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. The best approach is to call a professional to take a look at your HVAC system.
  7. Your HVAC system will show symptoms before it malfunctions: Your HVAC system won’t quit all of a sudden. Rather, you will see the signs when your air flow cleaner starts to malfunction. There is a problem in case the air emitting from the vent at the wrong temperature or the thermostat temperature doesn’t align with the room temperature.

Needless to say, installing an HVAC system in your house is a costly affair. So, you should take utmost care of it. If you give a blind eye to certain issues, you have to pay a huge price afterward. Go through the above aspects to understand the diverse facets of your HVAC system in a precise fashion.

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