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Evaporative coolers are preferred cooling units for their ability to provide 100% fresh and filtered air and not the recycled air as in an air-conditioner. The reason why evaporative cooling systems require frequent cleaning is, while they bring the outdoor fresh air indoor, they also carry pollutants that are filtered by the system. These pollutants clog the system; thus, the evaporative cooler needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Why is the evaporative cooling system preferred? 

In hot countries the weather becomes unbearable, and humidity is low, evaporative cooling systems are an economical and healthy alternative to air-conditioners. The system cools your home with efficiency while you can keep your doors and windows open. They follow the simple principle of evaporation causes cooling. While you can stay connected to the natural world outside, the evaporative cooling system will bring the indoor temperature down effectively and allow you to brave the fearful heat outdoors. In times when COVID 19 is an impending threat the world over and the health advocates encourage people to keep doors and windows open, this system of cooling is safer.

How does evaporative cooling work?

The warm outdoor air is cooled by the water that runs through the system. The machine consists of a fan, thick pad and a water reservoir with additional controls that regulate the working. The fan draws the outside dry, hot air inside the machine and it moves over the cooler pads. These thick pads are layered to increased surface area and draw water from the reservoir. When the hot air passes over the pads, the surface water molecules evaporate and causes a drop in the temperature which can be less than 20 degrees. The cold air is blown by the fan chilling the indoor temperature on a hot day. Most air coolers come with filter pads designed to enhance the air quality. They can reduce pollutants and allergens from the air and minimize mildew growth. Some pollutants settle inside the airduct and therefore, evaporative duct cleaning becomes crucial. 

How is evaporative duct cleaning done? 

You can clean the system yourself, but it is advisable to hire a professional evaporative cooler cleaning company that cleans your evaporative duct. To find out how the cleaning process is carried out, we take you through the steps.

  • When the evaporative air cooler is in continuous use for a long time without changing water, it is likely to emit an unpleasant odor harmful to the health. In hot and humid climates, a dirty water tank requires regular cleaning. Periodic emptying of the water from the tank and cleaning the tank properly is essential. 
  • Remove the panels and cooling pads when you clean the water tank. Unplug the cooler and turn off the water to remove the panels and air-cooling pads.
  • Drain the water from the air cooler, some portable air coolers have a detachable water tank that makes the cleaning process easier.
  • Make sure that the cleaning process involves scrubbing with a soft cloth or sponge. Debris settled inside the air cooler requires scrubbing as it can cause blockage to hinder the cooling process. You can clean with vinegar. 
  • The bottom of the tank accumulates sediments and needs scrubbing.
  • The cooling pads or the heat exchangers are an integral part of the cooler and require frequent cleaning. This too can be done with vinegar. 
  • Assemble the parts after cleaning and drying. Something may go wrong in the process if you are not skilled at evaporation duct cleaning. 
  • While evaporative cooler cleaning appears to be simple, you must be careful not to upset any part inside the cleaner that would prevent the system from functioning optimally.

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