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With millions of articles uploaded on the internet, you’ve probably read about the wealth of benefits duct cleaning Melbourne can offer by now. But have you ever thought of the consequences dirty air ducts can bring to you and your loved ones? To be exact, can dirty air ducts affect your health?

Long answer short —Yes, absolutely! Aside from impacting your HVAC efficiency, the build-ups in your air ducts can wreak havoc on your health. Let’s take a look at the checklist below and you’ll be surprised that what you or your loved ones are suffering, is in fact, related to the ducts. 

Key Health Signs & Symptoms of Dirty Air Ducts

Letting your HVAC system go by the wayside may not be a great idea. A neglected ductwork system can build up allergens, mould, diseases and pollutants, causing you to experience…

  • Cough (or even Chronic Cough)
  • Sneeze
  • Sore Throat or Throat Irritation
  • Congestion or Runny Nose
  • Itchy and Watery Eyes
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Worsening Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Dry Skin

4 Ways Dirty Air Ducts Are Making You Sick

Without regular duct cleaning and maintenance, the dirty “stuff” in your air ducts will circulate through your house, affecting your indoor air quality. This relays to an overall increase in health concerns.

Following are four basic ways in which one can become ill as a result of dirty air ducts.

Worsening Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Family members with pulmonary health conditions, asthma or allergies are vulnerable. The allergens and bacteria built up in your air ducts can trigger increased and longer attacks, making them ill.

Triggering Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is often associated with poor air quality in a building you work or reside. This occurs when dust, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smokes and other allergens accumulate inside the ducts, bringing you acute health and discomfort.

Developing Respiratory Disease

We bet that you can foresee what will happen to your newborn babies, children and the elderly when they inhale those dirty air into their lungs. Severe respiratory disease may come knocking at the door. 

Unwanted Rodent And Insect Infestations

Dirty ducts are the perfect breeding ground for insects and rodents. These critters are not only a nuisance, but they often carry disease, creating serious health threats. For instance, there is an increased risk of developing a disease when you or someone gets bitten.

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