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Duct Cleaning Blackburn

Here in Australia, we rely heavily on our HVAC systems during chilly winter days to warm us up or to keep us away from the sweltering heat during sunny summers. It works tirelessly to bring you and your family much needed clean air, cooled or heated to the perfect temperature, nothing less than the lungs of your home.

Why is effective duct cleaning important?

Much like other appliances in your home, your air ducts require maintenance and repairs over time. After years of use, it is only natural that your HVAC system accumulates dust and dirt. But, unlike other appliances, your HVAC systems degrading over time is not only an inconvenience, but it also brings about serious health implications.

You see, the HVAC system not only controls the internal temperature, it also filters and purifies the air brought into your home. Preventing smoke and dust from reaching the lungs of your loved ones is one of the most important roles of the HVAC system.

As such, regular cleaning of your air ducts is vital wherever you may be. Now, you may be wondering what hiring professional air duct cleaners entails. The duct cleaning services we offer here in Australia is a thorough and reliable process that adheres to the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Guidelines and Code of Ethics that will ensure quality results.

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Benefits of periodic cleaning of air ducts

Pollen and dust may irritate the respiratory systems of those most vulnerable such as the young or the elderly. It may even trigger allergies in some cases. If your air ducts have not received a much-needed cleaning, now is the time to think about it.

As highlighted above, the most important benefit of cleaning out your air ducts is:

  • Safeguarding the health of your loved ones. Air ducts have a tendency to turn into breeding grounds for mould and other organisms if left unchecked. Considering us spending 60% to 90% of our time at home amid pandemic, the cleanliness of air ducts is a major factor to you and your loved ones’ health.
  • The “health” of your HVAC system is also improved. The lifespan of your air ducts is significantly increased with routine air duct cleaning, and that can save you a lot of money on repairs or even replacements!
  • A cleaner HVAC system also runs more efficiently. Neglected ducts might have leaks, tears and be damaged from years of use. This will cause the system to run at a higher capacity to fulfil your everyday needs. Properly maintained systems will thus save you from higher electric bills in the long run.
What do we actually do, though?

Here is the simple breakdown of what we do:

The first step is to always place a high powered vacuum to the supply line of your system to suck up any of the loose dirt that may be present in your air ducts.  It will also serve to remove debris that will be knocked off the duct walls later.

The next step is the main step in duct cleaning, where essentially all components of the HVAC system are scrubbed and cleaned to perfection systematically. Specialised tools are used to reach every part of the air ducts and to ensure nothing is left untouched.

Great, so the ducts are clean enough, right?

Cleaning out your ducts isn’t all we do though, as after your ducts are clear of dust and debris, we also disinfect your ducts using a safe yet effective natural wash. It kills off any remaining bacteria calling your ductwork their home. It also provides a layer of protection against future dirt accumulation and microbial growth. After that, it is all about making sure everything is back to where it’s supposed to be and that your HVAC system is running perfectly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DuctMates or schedule an appointment at 1300 238 287. Meanwhile, do feel free to visit our website for more information. If you are looking for duct cleaning services in Blackburn, Donvale, Toorak, Dandenong or Wantirna, look no further than DuctMates. 


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