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The Different Types of Duct Cleaning in Toorak

Have you ever been confused about the weird looking types of equipment that might as well be stolen from an alien spacecraft when hiring duct cleaners in Toorak?

The tools we use might seem foreign but it all serves the purpose of cleaning out your air ducts. However, not all tools and methods are created equal and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out more about which type of duct cleaning is more suitable for your home!

What are the common methods used nowadays?

There are currently a few methods of duct cleaning available in Toorak: the rotary brush method, the push-pull method, the HEPA filter vacuum and finally the truck-mounted vacuums. They use different types of equipment but have one thing in common; a vacuum. The differences can be explained better by diving deeper into the four methods.

Rotary brush method

As the name suggests, the rotary brush method uses a rotating brush that is inserted into the air ducts and it dislodges the built-up dust and debris from the walls of the duct. The physical contact of the brush loosens up all the dirt to be sucked from the system through a vacuum. However, there are some parts of the HVAC system that the brush cannot enter, such as the dampers. The diameter of the hose is simply too large for the smaller intricate parts of your air system.

There are also different types of brushes that can be used in knocking the dust off the air ducts. There are those with long flexible bristles that can be used for larger ducts, and some with shorter, more rigid bristles that are more akin to a normal brush. Those are normally used for smaller ducts such as those in your bathroom. These brushes are usually tested and are deemed safe and effective for use in your air ducts without causing any damage to them.

Push-pull method

The push-pull method substitutes the rotating brush with high-pressure air tools that blast the dust off the ductworks. As it is only air that’s going through the hose, the hose itself has a smaller diameter and can reach more nooks and crannies. The dislodged dust is then sucked through a vacuum, leaving you with clean and clear air ducts.

HEPA Filter Vacuum

These filters are stronger than the ones used on previous methods and employ a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air filter). It removes 99.97% for particles of 0.3 µm diameter or more. The use of HEPA filters prevents cross-contamination and combined with a vacuum with strong suction power, it is a very effective duct cleaning method.

Truck-Mounted Vacuum Unit

If a portable vacuum just isn’t enough suction power for you, a truck-mounted vacuum is the way to go. A hose is directly connected to the system and debris is vacuumed through the hose. They are capable of creating a suction of up to 10,000-15,000 cubic foot of air per minute. The hose is also usually very large in diameter, so large items and debris would not be a worry.

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