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There has been a long debate on when’s the right season to get your air ducts cleaned in Melbourne. Well, it may seem strange to have a certain season for duct cleaning but there truly are.

On average, an HVAC system recirculates indoor air up to 7 times a day. Left unattended seasons after seasons, a duct system can trap and accumulate tons of harmful contaminants in varied types. Not to mention, an overworked duct system may experience wear and tear, leading to holes and leaks.

Heavy Usage During Summer and Winter

Working in high gear all season long for heating and cooling during summer and winter, its condition can worsen. Not only do you end up losing a lot of cool or warm air, but a clogged duct system will also require more energy to function. That explains why your energy bill skyrockets if you haven’t had your air ducts checked and done maintenance in a few years.

Fall Is The Duct’s Off-Peak Season

Summer is over and here comes the fall. Before getting your duct working in full gear again during winter, fall is the perfect timing to give those air ducts a good scrub.

Leading up to colder months, your duct system will not be in use for extended amounts of time. Hence, it’s time to call duct cleaning contractor in. A standard duct cleaning will take around 3 to 5 hours. This downtime in any other season would be inconvenient for you and your family.

Fall Allergies

People with allergies may suffer all year round, but there are particular seasons that make them feel worse. Fall may be especially difficult for individuals that are susceptible to mould and allergens.

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, a scratchy throat may be triggered. For individuals suffering from mould spore allergies, the excess moisture during this season may cause their condition to worsen. With that, you may want to consider hiring a duct cleaning service in Melbourne this fall to prevent triggers to severe health conditions.

Pests Are Out Looking For Warmth & Shelter

As the weather gets cooler, it’s their nature for pests and insects to seek out a warm and sheltered place for winter. That explains why you often see an influx of bugs, spiders and rats appearing in your home during this time of the year. However, what you see may not be all. They tend to stay hidden and out of sight. Thus, your duct at home becomes the hot spot for them to nest.

By conducting proper duct cleaning and maintenance in the fall, you can reduce the chances of pests of all sizes sneaking into your house in the winter months. Be sure to have your ducts cleaned in preventing pests infestations.

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