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How to Elevate Your Restaurant’s Image With Air Duct Cleaning?

Ever visited a restaurant and felt weird about an unclean and grimy and air vent? It is natural to come out with equally bad remarks when you can hardly take your eyes from that dirty vent. You may have also murmured “How bad is this restaurant even though the upkeep was good.

 Give it a second thought as a restaurant owner, and realise how bad it is to neglect air duct cleaning. Not only does the footfall in restaurants reduce drastically, the image of your eatery suffers a serious setback. Apart from offering good food, clean tableware and dishware, the one thing that dampens your business operations is an unclean sir duct. A professional duct cleaning service can resolve your concerns and ensure that your business runs uninterrupted.

Consequences of unclean ducts

Fire risks in commercial kitchens are higher than in any other premises. However, you won’t just need duct cleaning in Melbourne to eliminate these risks. Being a restaurant owner, you need to know what the other reasons are for cleaning the ducts. Here they are:

  • Improved air quality

What does a customer notice upon entering a restaurant? A nice-smelling restaurant with a clean look is the most desired thing for every customer. Now, that is possible only when the air ducts are thoroughly clean, failing which the air becomes loaded with contaminants, eventually leading to allergies and congestion. Not only customers, the kitchen employees are left with breathing issues and may constantly sneeze and cough when air ducts in restaurants are unclean.

  • Deteriorating food quality

Unclean ducts in commercial kitchens may result in bacteria entering them. The situation can further aggravate and cause the food in the kitchen to rot.

  • Increasing expenses

Don’t want to pay heed to duct cleaning? As the dirt accumulates in the air vent, you may need to spend more to repair the equipment. Moreover, clogged vents may make it more difficult for the air to evenly spread across the restaurant. That way, you will spend more for electricity, labour, cleaning, and repair.

Why should you avoid DIY air duct cleaning in the restaurant?

The duct system in your restaurant kitchen is more complex that the ones in residential homes. So, avoid stepping into the mess of DIY air duct cleaning and look for the best duct cleaning company to ensure that your restaurant image stays untarnished. The pros carry the tools and everything that is needed to clean the system which the DIY cleaning work can hardly match.

Resolve your queries about commercial air duct cleaning

Before you hire a specialist for commercial duct cleaning in Melbourne, go over these common questions that restaurant owners ask. You might find all your answers about when and how to clean the duct and how often you need to appoint the experts for cleaning. Here they are:

  1. What causes dirt to accumulate in air ducts?

The duct system in your restaurant’s kitchen is home to the growth of mould and bacteria. The contaminants in the air as well as the ones in the food enter the air ducts too often and accumulate on its parts. Eventually, the air you breather becomes contaminated as well, causing diseases.

  1. Is commercial duct cleaning different from residential duct cleaning?

It’s simple. The parts of a commercial air duct are bigger and more intricate than the residential system. Moreover, commercial duct cleaning needs to comply with defined industry standards to ensure that a restaurant does not compromise its hygiene.

  1. Will a restaurant from professional duct cleaning service?

Thousands of restaurants with unclean ducts improve their image with professional cleaning. The contaminants reduce and the air quality improves along with the health of the employees, making the workplace more productive.

  1. How often should the restaurant duct be cleaned?

The frequency of a commercial duct system depends on various factors such as the size of the business, the framework of ducts, the complexity of the parts, and how fast it becomes dirty. Generally, commercial duct cleaning should take place within every two years but restaurants with high traffic may need it once a year as well. For instance, fast-food restaurants may require bi-monthly cleaning and those that operate 24 hours may require monthly cleaning.

  1. What are the signs that air ducts in restaurants need cleaning?

Accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, and mould formation are a few signs that the air ducts in the restaurant need cleaning.

Image makeover of your restaurant with duct cleaning

Cleanliness in commercial kitchen is the first step to improving its image. For that, duct cleaning should form a routine task. Here is how it results in image makeover of your restaurant:

  • The air quality of your restaurant improves drastically when the debris and the grime that accumulates in the system are cleaned by professional service providers. That way, the business premises smell good and encourage customers to visit your restaurant. They are not left worrying about bad air quality or unclean environment.
  • Cleaned air ducts reduces the risk of fire
  • Prevents mould formation in the air ducts. You have to detect the signs of mould formation and clean the ducts to maintain a healthy atmosphere.
  • With sustainability becoming one of the pressing concerns around the world, businesses are fast aligning themselves with steps that make their premises free from toxic materials and contaminants.

Air duct cleaning is often a less priority task for restaurant owners but the truth is that ducts need routine checking and cleaning. Clean ducts ensure a hazard-free kitchen and do not dampen the customer base of your business. When it comes to duct cleaning in Melbourne, Duct mates is one of the trustworthy names you can rely on to keep your commercial kitchen clean. Our team uses the latest technology for duct cleaning and ensures that your restaurant’s duct system is free from dirt, grime, and mould and its image shines forever. Visit to fill out the form and receive a customised quote for air duct cleaning today.

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