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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Process | Following Industrial Standards

If you’re looking for trustable yet convenient air duct cleaning service in your area, you can rely on Duct Mates to get the job done right. Our tenacious adherence to the Industrial Standard Guidelines and Code of Ethics warrants you the quality, unlike a fly-by-night. 

Highlights On Our Duct Cleaning Services

To ensure an efficient duct cleaning process, we have invested in a power vacuum truck. For those who don’t know, it is the most powerful source removal system available in the duct cleaning industry today. Its strong vacuum power easily breaks up any debris and propels it through your ductworks. Hence, it can effectively remove loose materials from the inside. 

It would be casting pearls before swine if this great tool is given to people who do not leverage its use. At Duct Mates, you can rest assured with our established and experienced in-house technicians. These trained eyes are sensitive to spot leaks and professional in dealing with all of the various air duct systems in your house. 

An Important Routine Maintenance Work for Your Home

If you realise that it’s time for a thorough air duct cleaning, don’t worry, we can help. Read on to understand a bit more about the process. 

Step 1: Create Negative Air Pressure

First up, we need to ensure that no dirt will flow into your home during the cleaning process. By running an 8” vacuum hose from the truck to the supply line of your system, we will be able to force out the internal air. As a result, it pulls all the dust, dirt, debris or any other air contaminants passively into your air duct system. 

Step 2: Clean The Register

Vent covers and stack heads will be dismantled and hand washed with an EPA approved cleanser and sanitiser. 

Step 3: Clean The Supply Vent

Using 200psi of high pressure compressed air to clean each and every supply vent, total removal of contaminants can be made certain. 

Step 4: Scrub The System 

While your air duct remains void, our patented scrubber will be placed in your ductwork and let it run through the trunk lines. 

Step 5: Clean The Cold Air Return System

After that, step 1 to step 4 is to be repeated on the cold air return side of the system.

Step 6: Scrub The Trunks and Plenums

With all the access points being plugged using airtight caps, trunk lines, supplies and returns, as well as plenums are cleaned using our patented scrubber system. 

Step 6: Brush Clean The Blower Section

Hang in there, we’re nearly there! At this stage, the entire blower section will be brushed, vacuumed and blown out for the motor to run more efficiently. With that, a clean blower can protect itself from overheating. 

Step 7: Sanitise The Whole Air Duct System 

A thorough sanitisation work will be carried out on all parts of ductwork by spraying the EPA approved, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial wash. 

Step 8: Sealing up

Almost there! All the cleaning work is done and is to be completed with the sealing up process. This is to avoid any loss of air from the holes and access points.

Step 9: Your Ducts Are All Set

Now, your air duct is clean as new! All the dust, dirt and debris has been wholly eliminated from the inside of ducts, leaving you a cleaner and a much more hygienic system. Consequently, the indoor air quality in your home will be improved for a healthier life. 

Call Duct Mates technicians today at 1300 238 287 if you have any questions about our duct cleaning process. We look forward to servicing your property today!

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