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These are following steps to proceed with this program:

Step 1. Pre Installation – You would be contacted to meet up for sticker 80cm by 17cm installation on your vehicle rear bumper.

Step 2. Installation meet up.

Step 3. Get Sticker Payment of AUD50 – within 48hours to be paid once.

Step 4. Submit proof of RAP Sticker visibility – proof of date via WhatsApp 0413882948 3 days before end of the month.

Step 5. Get Monthly Payment of AUD200 – by 5th of subsequent month.

Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct

Our sticker must be clean and visible all the time. Damaged stickers must be reported immediately and a free replacement installation will be arranged. No additional payment of sticker installation. Failing to report a missing, damaged or stolen sticker will result in non payment for the month.
Maintain visibility of stickers on your vehicle by regularly wiping it clean. Drive as usual.


Duct Cleaning Company P/L reserve all rights to make changes to terms and conditions of the RAP program and there shall be no dispute on any areas pertaining to this program. Shall a disagreement arise, RAP partners will be contacted directly and issues will be sorted on that basis. RAP partners are not to discuss the RAP program openly in all electronic or written communications which includes posting on social media, email, group chats. Complaints and grievances on the Rideshare Advertising Program (RAP) shall be communicated directly to Duct Cleaning Company P/L directly and not through any third party or communication media.


1) Renewal is not automatic and it’s subject to Duct Cleaning Company Pty Ltd sole discussion and non-negotiable and the viability of this program. Any violation of Terms and Conditions will result in immediate termination of RAP partnership.

2) Duct Cleaning Company P/L have all rights to terminate the program with the RAP partner at any time. Cease and Desist letter would be sent via email within 24 hours should any violation of this program be detected or termination of RAP partnership.

3) RAP drivers are to remove and destroy/discard of the advertising sticker once they cease partnership with Duct Cleaning Company P/L. Evidence of removal may be required for any letter of release or monies owed to be paid. Duct Cleaning Company P/L will not be liable for any removal of sticker or additional payment or claims due to defect to vehicle paint work arising from sticker removal. Avery Dennison Supreme Vehicle Wrapping Vinyl Sticker SW900 use by Duct Cleaning Company P/L are non damaging to the vehicle paint.

4) Upon signing on as RAP partner, drivers agree to NOT join any other vehicle advertisement program for the next 12 months. This moratorium period will cease once drivers stopped the RAP program for 12 months.

Accept our terms and conditions

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