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As much as we are aware of air pollution majorly caused by fossil fuels combustion *sighs* little do we know about indoor air pollution.

To put it simply, indoor air pollution is a term used to describe the deterioration of air quality in any building or structure. Believe it or not, we are exposed to indoor air pollution more frequent than we know and air duct is what we often overlook. 

In fact, indoor air pollution can impact human health negatively, slowly yet surely. For instance, respiratory problems like sore throat and breathing difficulty. Therefore, we should always look for air duct cleaning services to improve indoor air quality, allowing us to enjoy breaths of clean fresh air.

Ermm…so…What Should I Do With My Air Ducts?

What is air duct cleaning? What does air duct cleaning do? Take it easy, buddy. Calm your nerves down and take a chill pill, as we have the ultimate guide planned out for you. These tips and tricks will help you along the way of improving indoor air quality. There you go, follow the steps now! 

Step One: Identify The Need For Air Duct Cleaning Services

What are the considerations for air duct cleaning service? Do check out your air duct for any of the following signs:

  • An excessive amount of dust and debris
  • Presence of vermin (e.g. rats and cockroaches)
  • Visible mould growth on the surface of the internal duct

Aha, if these signs exist, it’s time to call for a thorough air duct inspection. On a side note, there are few takeaways on mould detection in heating and cooling systems. First thing first, always ask the technician to provide evidence such as taking pictures of the moulds that exist in the air duct. Next, remove and replace mouldy insulated air ducts as they cannot be cleaned completely. Not to forget, find out the reasons for mould growth and fix them to prevent any recurrence.

Step Two: Choose A Duct Cleaning Service Provider

What criteria should we look into when choosing an air duct cleaning service provider? Professionalism and eligibility. Kindly ask the potential duct cleaning service providers for their licences to ensure the services comply with NADCA and AIRAH air duct cleaning standards. Also, always look for service providers that have extensive experience in similar systems like yours. 

Step Three: Monitor The Performance Of Air Duct Cleaning 

Hm, what are the measures that may indicate if the air duct cleaning service provider is doing a good job? Assuming that you have selected a duct cleaning service provider, you should expect the technicians to open the access doors to clean the heating and cooling system entirely. In addition, they should ensure that asbestos-containing material is absent from the air duct. The technicians should also use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment inside the building and ordinary vacuuming equipment outside the building. Lastly, make sure that the air ducts are well-sealed after the service. 

Contact Us Now! Woohoo, simple and easy! With that, Duct Mates presents to you what-you-should-know about air duct cleaning to improve your indoor air quality. For any enquiry, kindly fill up the enquiry form or call us at 1300 238 287. We’re ready to help!

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