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Duct Repair Service Melbourne

Homeowners in Melbourne looking for duct cleaning Melbourne should know what duct cleaning entails. Ducts include the supply intake and return vents. Other components that need cleaning are grills, fans and the HVAC unit along with the furnace. The purpose of air duct cleaning is to maintain a healthy environment at home. Ideally, duct cleaning should be done in a 3-5 years gap. In some special cases, duct cleaning is required in 2-3 years. The best duct cleaning company is that which inspects your duct and suggests if you require duct cleaning. Therefore hire a company that has knowledge of the duct system

Why does the duct need cleaning?

Though duct cleaning has never been considered a reason to mitigate health issues, It is also not proved that dust particles at home affect the internal air. Dust adheres to the duct surface mostly and should not enter the home interiors. Home interior pollution is not caused by contamination from a dirty duct but from the air pollution caused by cooking, smoking and dusting activities
inside the home. Therefore it can be said that the light amount of dust relieved from the air duct cannot cause any severe implications on an individual’s health.

The duct can be deemed clean if:
The duct does not spot mold growth within the duct surface or the heating and cooling components.

However, the affected areas within the duct system may not be visible for a visual inspection. The detection of mold and microbes can be made with special equipment that is in the possession of expert duct cleaners.

If you are unsure about the occurrence of mold within the duct unit you can get the specimen checked from a laboratory at a price.
The insulation within the duct system is prone to gather moisture and is an ideal breeding zone for mold that needs cleaning and in some cases, if affected with populous growth you might require a replacement.

The mold growing conditions will have to be addressed and cleaned thoroughly. If the cleaning work is not done with perfection then the possibility of fresh mold growth is highly likely.

Some ducts are infested with vermin and insects and they need to be removed as when the house sleeps the pets convert your house into a playground.

If the duct particles are of an excessive amount within the duct system, the dust will flow out inside the home interior.

Cleaning the duct interiors will improve the efficiency of the cooling coils, fans and heat exchangers. Though the difference may be marginal a clean duct is always better than an unclean one.

Can you clean the duct system yourself?

The internal duct is an elaborate system that cannot be counted among do it yourself jobs. You may clean the duct system externally by cleaning the filters till where ever your hand reaches, however, the exteriors are somewhat accessible and you require special tools like high powered vacuum and rotary brushes that are usually not in the procession of most households. Therefore cleaning the duct system by yourself is an ambitious plan and it is better to depend on experts.

Who cleans the duct system and how can you trust them?

If you are looking for duct cleaning Melbourne companies you can check online and find a list of service providers that serve locally. Professional duct cleaning services are many and finding the right provider for cleaning your duct system can be quite a task. Not all duct cleaning services are powered with the right knowledge and many will mislead you to make incorrect and expensive decisions if you are not aware of the duct cleaning and possible dirt that your duct system can and has accumulated.

‘You should be aware of whom you must not hire.
Duct cleaners that stake claims on dusty interiors owing to dusty ducts should be treated with less seriousness.
Cleaners using chemical treatment without knowing the implications of the chemicals should be kept out of the shortlist.
Look at the reviews received by the companies that you have shortlisted.
You can contact the local business authorities to check if the company has any registered complaints.

How much time does it take to clean the duct system?

Some of the best duct cleaning companies in Melbourne claims that in single-family houses, duct cleaning is 2-4 hours of work. It would require a minimum of two technicians. However, houses that are older and have pets will require a longer cleaning time.

How much does it cost to clean ducts?

Companies that quote arbitrary pricing on the cost of duct cleaning without inspecting the duct system are not doing their jobs correctly. Without a visual and photographic inspection with the help of a robot, it is difficult to state a price. There is a good chance that a reliable company in Melbourne may tell you that you do not require duct cleaning as the interiors have not accumulated enough dust for immediate cleaning. It can also happen that the interiors are relatively clean but there is a mold growth detected by the robotic camera. A company that shows you proof on whether your duct inferiors need cleaning or do not require to be cleaned and then quote a price should be trusted over arbitrary pricing.

Why do you require a local duct cleaner?

Local duct cleaners within a city like Melbourne will do a better job being familiar with their locality and the general report received on all duct systems in the locality. The team that could work in the local area will be familiar with most households creating a relationship based on trust and integrity. If you are not satisfied with the work you can call back the local duct cleaning service and have them redo the job. Local duct cleaners mostly operate word of mouth therefore when looking for the best duct cleaning company online you can easily recognize them from the vast list.

What difference can service from Ductmates make to your interiors?

Ductmates is one of the premium ducts cleaning Melbourne Company that cleans air ducts, evaporative cleaners, repairs ducts and installs them too, services split ACs and also cleans kitchen canopies. The company holds quality cleaning above anything else. With years of experience, the company has made a name as a leading company in the duct cleaning industry. The team members are highly efficient and work on the company ethics of honest workmanship. If you are looking for one of the best duct cleaning companies in Melbourne, visit

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