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evaporative cooler cleaning

Evaporative duct cleaning is an integral task that keeps evaporative air coolers working powerfully and efficiently. This is a very useful cooling unit, that keeps indoors breezy in hot summer months in places like Melbourne where the humidity is at a low and dry climate is the predominant weather condition. If you can clean the evaporative cooler periodically you can enjoy the efficiency of the system with cool and pleasant air transmitted from the equipment. However, poor maintenance can lead to a musty odor from mold growing inside the system. However, these problems can easily be prevented and can be treated with help from professional evaporative cooler cleaning companies. How is it done?

Evaporative cooling procedure

The two parts that are likely to attract dust in the evaporative cooler are the honeycomb pads and the water tank. You must pay attention to these two components of the evaporative cooler, cleaning them regularly will prevent the growth of mold and regulate the air quality being circulated indoors. For cleaning these, the cooler must be completely drained at least once a week. The honeycomb cooling pads should be removed from the cooler and washed thoroughly. It should be airdried immediately. You must follow the cleaning procedure from the product manual shared with the product.

What should you know about the honeycomb pads?

The honeycomb pads need replacement annually, but you must be careful to clean them every week. You can clean the honeycomb pad at home yourself, though it is tiresome work and weekly cleaning may not always be feasible. However, the procedure is simple. Make an equally proportionate 1:1 solution of water in vinegar. Soak the pad in the solution which will disinfect the pad. You may rinse the pad at the same time scrubbing out the dust and mold that may be attached to it. Once the function is complete and the pad is thoroughly washed drain the water out of the pad before you replace it in the cooler.

What should you know about water tank cleaning?

The water tank in your cooler needs to be emptied weekly and wiped with a soft cloth and warm water to eliminate any mold build-up that may have taken place in the container. You can also use a mild soapy solution and flush the contents with clean warm water. You must also clean the pipes that are equally susceptible to mold buildup. Using the same solution of vinegar and water in equal proportion gently rub the pipes attached to the cooling tank. once the cleaning process is done ensure that each of the parts is thoroughly dried. Once all the parts are dried you can reassemble the cooling system and fill the tank with clean water.

You can clean the evaporative cleaner but why is professional help better?

Cleaning the evaporative unit may appear to be an easy task which it is. However, when the cleaning process boils down to weekly cleaning owners may lose interest and slack. It is vital that a periodic cleaning process is maintained to ensure that the system works efficiently. If you are living in Melbourne, you can connect with Ductmate, the evaporative cooler cleaning company. With reasonable charges, they are unfailing in their service and ensure that evaporative duct cleaning is a procedural duty to maintain the health of your system. Visit their website to connect with them.

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