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Air conditioning is an integral part of homes in the summers of Melbourne and maintaining the health of your air conditioners is extremely important to ensure that they function well. A professional air conditioning cleaning company in Melbourne shares a few valuable tips on how you can maintain your air conditioner and increase their lifespan along with making them energy efficient.

However, after long years of using the air conditioner, you will find it functioning not in the way it did when it was newly installed in your house. At this point replacing the air conditioner seems like the only way out. What prompts you to take this decision?

Air Conditioning Cleaning

The age of the air conditioner

Your air conditioner cleaning expert will tell you that in older systems the efficiency of the air conditioning is hugely compromised. Top air conditioning manufacturers suggest that the life of an air conditioner is at most up to 15 years. However, for achieving this life span you must ensure that your machine is well cared for. In homes air conditioners last longer than in commercial spaces. The care for air conditioners is more personalized as opposed to commercial spaces. In such situations the life of the air conditioner extends up to 20 years provided the machine goes through proper maintenance and time to time inspection.

What are the factors that influence an air conditioners life span?

Just like any machinery such as your automobile, the air conditioner also needs regular maintenance. Getting the air conditioner cleaned regularly will warranty that the system will be subject to less repair work and will function at its best adding additional years to its lifetime. However, certain factors may lead to the failure of the air conditioning system. The wear and tear of the system monthly have a large role to play in its performance. Climatic factors like high humidity or extreme cold are both detrimental to the system. Machines that are located close to the seaside are prone to the salty breeze that leads to corrosion. Keeping the machine at an extremely low temperature during summers puts pressure on the thermostat taking away valuable years from your air conditioner. Therefore, to keep your machine working in good condition, all the above factors play a significant role. How can you mitigate these adverse conditions and still ensure that your air conditioner works properly? Here is a suggestion.

Annual maintenance

Maintenance has a huge role to play when it comes to the upkeep of your machine. You must get in touch with professional air conditioner cleaners to take the responsibility of cleaning your system regularly. Ensure that they are changing the air filters and also cleaning the outdoor units by clearing the dirt and debris along with clogged leaves that are prone to get attracted to the outdoor unit. Only professional air conditioning cleaners will be able to complete this task. You may try to do it yourself, however maintaining regularity in cleaning is not an easy task and though there are many DIY guides, you will find yourself technically challenged at certain points. The only work that you can do regularly is to replace the air filter in alternative months. However, a service technician can help you with intense cleanup and also inspect your compressor, evaporator, condenser coil, and other motor parts along with the condensate drain to ensure that every minor part is working at its best performance. If some part is not maintaining the right efficiency, then it must be replaced. Not only is this critical for the best performance of your air conditioner but also is the most desirable way of maintaining energy efficiency.

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is exposed to several weather conditions. The outdoor unit needs regular cleaning and should be freed from any obstruction or dirt that has accumulated within the unit. If you are cleaning yourself, you must ensure that the air conditioners fan has been switched off before you start working.

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Melbourne

When is the right time to replace your air conditioner?

 Replacement of your air conditioner should be your last resort. However, if you need to replace then take the decision only if the repair cost is exceeding the years spent by your air conditioner. If you purchased your air conditioner for X amount and the repair cost with your spent years turns out to be equal or close to equal of the purchased cost, it is better to replace your air conditioner with a new machine.

When considering a replacement, you will find your air conditioning cleaning company asking you about the age of your current A/C unit. The usual average life span is 12 to 15 years, if the years exceed 15 years, then the air condition has lived its maximum life and you can safely consider a replacement. At the same time even if your system has reached those many years yet high-quality maintenance has ensured it is functioning in top quality, there is no need to decide on a replacement until it is required.

If your air conditioner has endured a lot of repair work and you often need someone to have a look at some malfunction within the machine. If breakdowns in the air conditioner are common, then replacement may be a better decision.

Take a note of the present status of your air conditioning system, see if the temperature indoors is maintaining a consistent flow without any fluctuations. The noise in your system is not too loud or strange to disturb your calm. Your energy bills maintain a certain consistency without overshooting. If the air conditioner is working smoothly without you having to struggle behind its settings and other problems. If you have consistent maintenance with professionals inspecting your unit from time to time are fixing the problems whenever required. No major problems are disturbing your system, then why should you even plan on a replacement?

How energy efficient should your air conditioner be?

Whenever homeowners hear the word ‘energy-efficient,’ they want to know the amount of power that an air conditioner draws. Approximately 50% of your home energy bill is devoted to the heating or the cooling cost. If the air conditioning system is not working efficiently the extra costs would be reflected in your energy bill. The older your unit gets you will find a rise in your energy bill. However, with regular maintenance, you can control this rise. But if the energy bill spots an increase every month, it is better to get a new air conditioning system. The investment may be an inexpensive one but in the long run, the monthly extras that you need to count will be trimmed.

Are you caring for your air conditioning unit?

If you have an annual air conditioning maintenance plan with air conditioning cleaning in Melbourne, then you will face fewer problems in your air conditioning system. A well-protected air conditioning system both inside and the unit outside your home taken care of by air conditioning cleaning will add to the years improving its efficiency. Frequent air conditioning cleaning will bring down the annual maintenance cost making it much more affordable and improving indoor cooling considerably. If you are living in Melbourne then connecting with Ductmates, will warranty the proper functioning of your air conditioning unit.

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