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How to Make Duct Cleaning Melbourne A Smart Investment?

Coming home to a house full of musty odours is definitely not how anyone would like to unwind after a long day. This could be an alarming signal that your furnace and ductworks require a professional inspection and duct cleaning Melbourne service. 

Is Duct Cleaning Melbourne A Worthy Investment For My Home?

“Should I have the air ducts in my home cleaned by the professionals? Is it a scam?” 

Yes, yes but no! What’s more important than being able to breathe fresh and clean air? It is fundamental to your and your loved ones’ health.

Here we have compiled a list of specific situations that make duct cleaning a smart investment.

  • Having pets at home. Their dander can get trapped in the ducts.
  • Having someone who smokes at home. 
  • Having someone with an allergy, asthma or respiratory issues at home. Though duct cleaning isn’t the cure to all these health problems, many physicians have reported that their patients feel much relieved from their symptoms after a cleaning.
  • Had your house remodelled or constructed.
  • Experiencing different levels of airflow from room to room.
  • Suspecting mould growth (especially after a flood or water damage). 
  • Suspecting pest infestation in your ducts. 
  • Seeing dust piling up near the air registers.

Bear in mind that dust builds on every item of furniture, your sofa, the floor, and windows, as well as within your ducts. Worse, the dust and particles in your ducts are circulated and then recirculated in your house every time your furnace or air conditioner operates. 

For safer, easier-to-breathe air, we strongly suggest you invest in professional duct cleaning. A neglected duct system can have a negative impact on your family’s health as well as the efficiency of your HVAC system. Not to mention, a dirty duct can cause your home to stink.

Stay worry-free when you engage a local duct cleaning company for periodic cleaning and annual maintenance. 

Is Duct Cleaning Melbourne Even Necessary To Remove Foul Smell? 

“Can’t I just light up some scented candles or use some air freshener?”

Oh, yes, there may be entire stores dedicated to making your surroundings smell nicer, but a trip to Yankee Candle might not provide you with the total solution to all these problems. Simply pulling out your favourite scent of candles or air fresheners can’t help much if ductwork is the root problem.

What Are Those Strange Smells From Your Ducts?

Addressing some of the most prevalent sources of ductwork stench will guide you in better managing your situation. Whatever the odour is, it’s always worth exploring why it’s there. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can induce these foul odours in your homes and how a Pro can help.

1. Burning Smell

When you first switch on your furnace for the season, it may emit a mild odour similar to a hot iron or something burnt. Well, you don’t have to be too concerned as long as this doesn’t last too long. When the furnace is not in use, dust collects on the heat exchanger, which subsequently burns off when the furnace is turned on for the first time in a long time.

Solution: Get your furnace and evaporator coil cleaned prior to the arrival of fall cold. An expert in duct cleaning Melbourne can help. 

However, it could be a more significant problem if your vents smell like something is overheating. It may be the wiring within the motor, or it could be a dirty and clogged air filter that restricts air movement and causes the electric resistance heaters to overheat.

Solution: First thing first, turn off your heater. Then, proceed to check your air filters. If they’re fine but you suspect a wiring issue, call an HVAC expert right away. You should never try to fix an electrical problem on your own.

2. Urine or Rancid Smell

Believe us or not, ductwork makes the perfect shelter for rodents and a rodent infestation in any part of your home can make you go nuts. If you smell urine coming from the vents, we are truly sorry about it. Mice, in particular, love to build their nests in and around machinery and ducting. Also, don’t be surprised if dead animals are found later in your vents. 

Solution: Identify where the mice live. They will leave some telltale signs of damage. Usually, it can be found around the flue pipe, inducer fan, blower compartment or the air handler (as it’s warm there during cooler temps). You’ll then be required to clear them out, disinfect your ducts and install an air filtering system after that.

3. Musty/Moldy Odour

Mould or mildew are commonly found in a warm and moist environment such as evaporator coil drain trays. Frequent use of the air conditioner can result in condensation within the device. If the moisture doesn’t drain appropriately, it can seep into your ducts and promote mould growth. The odour (and spores) will then be dispersed throughout the house by your blower.

Though mould and mildew aren’t major hazards for your HVAC system, they can create respiratory difficulties owing to poor air quality. Mould is responsible for many allergy symptoms.

Solution: Talk to your duct cleaning Melbourne service provider to spot where the mould build-up is and have it cleaned up properly. The simplest solution is to schedule a routine maintenance call and/or tune-up.

4. Acetone Odour

A refrigerator leak might occur if you smell something that reminds you of nail polish remover. This usually happens in older or poorly maintained systems. This is not only affecting the effectiveness of your system but also poses a hazard because it is flammable.

Solution: Seek professional help from the expert to inspect your system, locate the leak, repair it, and replenish the refrigerant. 

5. Stale Odour

You are probably experiencing a ventilation issue at home. With today’s energy-efficient windows, adequate insulation and snugly fitted doors, the air gets trapped inside, causing the indoor air to become stuffy or stale. 

Solution: The best thing to do is to open the windows from time to time to let fresh air from outside circulate around your home.

Any Local Duct Cleaning Company in Melbourne Will Do? 

“I am not quite sure which to engage…”

No, not all duct cleaning companies are the same. Quality comes at a price! It is worth spending some time doing a little research before settling down with any HVAC technicians.

There are 5 things to do before you hire a duct cleaning Melbourne service provider. Most importantly, compare and COMPARE.

  • Look for a company that specialises in duct cleaning. 
  • Choose the company that uses power-vac trucks.
  • Find out how the team will be protecting your floors and furnishings.
  • Opt for the service provider that coverinsuurance s insurance. 
  • Check out the type of service included in the package (Will registers and return covers be cleaned?).
  • Consult the company if a written guarantee is provided. 

What Can I Expect From A Local Duct Cleaning Company? 

“I can clean it on my own. Right?”

You sure can but you’ll never regret getting an expert to do the job. There are more benefits of hiring a professional than trying to DIY. Why not leave it to the Pros and sit back rather than making your home a mess?

At DuctMates, we follow the standard duct cleaning procedure to ensure the duct system is cleaned, sanitised and disinfected efficiently. Consult our experts now and expect the following from us: 

  • A carbon monoxide test to make sure that the HVAC system is functioning as it supposes and that no leaks or faults are found.
  • We will unscrew all grills and air filters before blasting pollutants away with compressed air.
  • With compressed air as well, we will be cleaning the fan, engine, air filter and other internal parts systematically.
  • Also, powerful equipment will be used to dislodge and get rid of contaminants that have been accumulated in the duct lines. 

Need Help With Your Ducts? 

Real bargains and useful tips tailored to your duct system are up for grab. Don’t let mould, dust, pollen or pet allergies make you miserable in your Melbourne home. We can help you achieve an allergen-free abode. 

For more information, feel free to check out our website and fill up the enquiry form. Or, just call us up via the hotline 1300 238 287 and your most trusted local duct cleaning company will be on our way to deliver the best service ever!


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