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Both commercial duct cleaning services and home duct cleaning services work towards eliminating mold, debris mildew, and other dangerous substances and improving the air quality indoors. The commercial duct system is however designed differently.

What makes a commercial duct system different? 

Round and rectangular forms are attributed to steel sheets. The duct system has mostly metal ducts; smaller sections are fixed with elbow joints to the main structure. The bends and other tertiary channels make stainless steel ducts ideal for the prevention of leaks.

Plastic or other non-metallic flexible substances maintain continuous length made of sheathed in metal springs. For limited spaces and places with an unusual duct pattern with obstruction, these materials prove to be ideal to forge a layout. Compressed fiberglass duct board is attached with the external pipe insulating against moisture and provides a very strong air barrier. The interiors of this material are extremely smooth, and they keep the airflow compact. They are lined to prevent the fragments of fiberglass from escaping. Duct cleaning in these areas requires high-precision powerful HVAC cleaners that clean the ducts without damaging them. Commercial duct cleaning services are experts in the job.

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What should be done for duct maintenance? 

Commercial duct cleaners are trained to upkeep these complex ducts. The cost of these ducts is higher and therefore their maintenance is complex. Commercial technicians use special commercial cleaners to clean these duct systems. High-powered gas vacuums are used in both residential and commercial duct cleaning jobs. The location of the residential and commercial units is also different. Residential HVAC systems are kept on the ground near the home. Commercial HVAC systems occupy the roof of the building. There are reasons for the HVAC system to occupy the roof in commercial areas. They have larger sizes, and technicians can perform the maintenance work without disturbing the occupants. The risk of vandalism is well avoided on the rooftop. The HVAC system does not interfere with the parking lot.

How does the location affect cleaning?

Commercial ductwork is outdoor duct types. Unlike residential HVAC systems, they are not split into two units, a heating and cooling unit with the indoor unit constituting an evaporator, condensate, drain, and blower, and the outdoor unit housing the compressor, the condenser, and the condenser fan. The commercial HVAC system on the other hand is a single unit and the cabinet is kept outside. When a residential stand-alone unit works, the indoor and the outdoor unit must work together, the entire system needs a replacement when a significant change to the heating and cooling system happens. The commercial unit transports the components and does not require frequent change.

The commercial unit is more complex than residential ductwork. It is larger because it handles the heating and cooling together. This requires a larger drainage system, and more windows are required for exhausting unlike the trunk and branch ductwork fiberglass low-cost design found in residential complexes. Narrow drainage can do for residential ducts but commercial ducts need larger drainage and are thus placed on the attic or the basement. Only one drainage pan is required, and your windows can serve as an exhaust.


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