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Are you or your loved ones facing untimely allergies or other health issues? This may be the reason because of the air you breathe in. The air quality of your home depends on the ducts, and they can create severe problems if not cleaned or repaired properly. If you are experienced, you can do duct repair on your own if it’s a minor work. You might have to look for professionals if there is a duct replacement requirement or duct installation requirement.

Duct repair cost

If your duct is very old and is torn at places or has holes that require patch work, then you can do the repairing work on your own. The average repairing cost is from $300 to $700 depending on the work. You can complete the duct repair work by sealing the areas required or patching it up with the necessary materials. However if the areas that need repair work is hard to reach or are too many of them, then it is best recommended to hire a professional for the work.

The total cost may also wary depending on the area to be repaired, how difficult it is to reach, the price of the material of your choice and any labor charges if you hire a professional.


Factors affecting the cost of your duct repair

 Geographic location: Your home location is the biggest determiner for the cost of your repair work for ducts. The labor will charge accordingly, and the distance travelled will be calculates on the repairing cost. Make sure you hire experts to do the job otherwise you will have to shell out more money for a poorly installed duct, every time you turn it on.

Job size: The size of the area where the work needs to be performed will be important in determining the overall cost. Most professionals will charge per-linear foot for duct work being replaced or give you an estimate depending on the number of ducts. Note that the material cost will also be higher if the work is for a larger size of area.

Ease of access: The placement of the duct makes the job easier or difficult. The professional will change accordingly.

Material cost: The type of duct work will be the determining factor for the overall cost of repair. Sheet metal is the most durable but the most expensive too. Choose your material wisely for a lasting performance.

Signs your duct needs a repair

If you are wondering how to ensure whether your duct needs repair work, we have listed a few pointers that will help you determine the cause. It is advisable to service your duct regularly to know of any damages that are caused. Here are some of the reasons that your duct needs a repair work.

Uneven heating: If you notice that one room is warmer than the others or lack of proper air flow it might be a sign of duct leak.

Higher utility bills: The performance of the air duct will have a direct impact on the kind of energy efficiency your home has. You can lose up to 20% to 30% of treated air if the duct is leaking or damaged. This means that your HVAC system will have to work more to maintain the temperature in your home. This would increase your utility bills.

Excessive dust: If the duct is leaking, the home will become dusty. A leaky duct will allow the air from attic to mix with your conditioned air that will get mixed and will be spread in your home. The dust is not only annoying to clean but also changes the air quality.

Cracks, breaks or visual leaks: The best way to judge whether your duct is leaking is just to look at them. Do a visual check by simply taking a tour of your air ducts. Do it safely with all the safety measures. If you are unable to do so, take professional help and look at your ducts.

Rooms which don’t cool: If you have a room that just won’t cool no matter for how long your AC is on, the reason might be a duct leak.

When do you need professional assistance for your duct repair?

Repairing or replacing of duct may be an easy task or totally complicated. The intensity will depend on the areas of the leakage or the damage that has been caused. If you are an expert, you can do the job yourself but there are times when you need a professional to do the work for you.

For minor repairs or replacing a small piece of instrument can be done by you. But do keep the safety measures in mind. Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing the task. Think of hiring a professional if the work is not minor and needs more attention to detail. Here are the reasons why:

Excellent configuration: If you hire a professional, they will install or repair it in such a way that the ducts perform in optimal way. Poorly configured air ducts may not allow the system to work as well as it should.

More efficiency: If the duct is properly installed, it will cool the room instantly. The air loss would be just 4% to 5% whereas if the duct is leaking it will cause an air loss of 20% to 30%. This may increase the energy load by 30%.

Better longevity: A professionally maintained air duct will be effective for a longer time as compared to the ones that are leaking.

Complex work: If the work required to be done looks complex, it is best to hire professionals and get the duct repair, duct replacement or duct installation done. Don’t take up the work if you feel uneasy with it just to save on a few pennies.

What are the benefits of duct repair?

Improved air quality: Damaged ducts always carry contaminants into the heating or cooling system. As the air is circulated throughout your house, you would be breathing impure air. If the duct is repaired regularly, the air quality will improve, and you will stay away from health issues and allergies.

Better efficiency: If your air duct is damaged, it will force your HVAC system to work more. This will hinder its functioning and will affect the overall temperature of home. If the duct is repaired, the systems will work fine, and its efficiency will be improved.

Lesser utility bill: If the duct is leaking or has some patchy areas, it will make the HVAC system to work more to cook or heat the home. This will increase the utility bills of the house by 20% to 30%. If the duct repair work is done properly, then the systems will work fine and the utility bills will be lesser.

Dust free environment: If the duct is leaking, it will mix the air from your attic to your conditioned air. This will bring in dust and debris inside your home. If the duct is repaired on time, them there would be no dust and you will have a clean home.


Six signs you need to replace your ducts

Age: Similar to the HVAC system, your air ducts also have an age of service. They will mostly work fine till 10 years after that, they need to be replaced. If the air ducts are older, they will create problems and the temperature of your home will not be ideal. To avoid such situation, get your ducts replaced.

Poor airflow: Proper airflow decides the proper functioning of the HVAC system. If there are discrepancies in the quality of air of one room or the other, the duct is not functioning properly or is leaking. During such situations, you need to replace the duct immediately.

Poor performance:  If your HVAC system is trying hard to cool your home, it may be because the duct is damaged or is leaking. This will affect your utility bills too since the HVAC system is overworked. If you find such situations, replace your air ducts.

Dents and cracks: While checking for your air ducts if you notice dents and cracks, you should immediately hire a professional inspector to check your damage. If they are able to repair the damage, its fine or else you should look for replacement.

Noisy operation: If your duct is leaking or has cracks that might not be visible, the functioning will become noisy and they will be a good reason to replace your air ducts.

Mold and odors: Molds are a critical problem. If there are molds in your duct, they will spread it through the air that will circulate in your entire home. It will also spread bad odor. When this happens, it’s time to change your air ducts.

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