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With the lightning speed of technological evolution, there are more and more new duct cleaning methods being rolled out in the market. Each offers unique claims for how efficient they will clean your ducts. But, which method is the best for your home?

Shop Vac Method

Shop vacs are indeed powerful and are specially engineered for heavy-duty works that regular vacuums can’t deal with. 

However, shop vacs are definitely insufficient to perform proper duct cleaning. Most of the ductwork remains untouched as they can only reach a few feet down each opening. 

At the end of the day, this technology is simply not suitable for efficient and thorough cleaning of ductworks. 

Vacuum & Brush Method (or Rotary Brush Method)

With longer hoses that can push through your ducts along with a spinning brush, these medium-sized vacuum systems loosen dirt and dust to where they can reach. To compare, it works much better than a shop vac. 

Yet, this method delivers inadequate suction to lift and pull out heavy debris (typical airflow ranges between 150 and 300 cfm or less). They do not have the ability to place the duct system under negative pressure, as required by the national standard and generally accepted industry practices. 

There are also parts of the duct system where these vacuum systems couldn’t get through, such as the dampers. Hence, this is another no-no when delivering duct cleaning services.

HEPA Vacuum Method

This portable vacuum is larger and much more impressive than the suction of the previous method. 27 times more powerful, the vacuum output is increased to at least 2,000 and up to 4,000 cfm. 

Also, requiring fewer setups and less movement of equipment from room to room, it reduces the chance of damaging the home or household items or soiling carpets. In navigating ductworks with multiple bends, it has a hose that is small and flexible enough to even negotiate the turns. 

In turn, better access means a more thorough duct cleaning service you get. 

Truck/Trailer Mounted Vacuum 

Winning the spot of the best duct cleaning method in the current state, a truck/trailer mounted vacuum system features superior suction power, larger hose diameter and better debris containment. 10,000-15,000 cfm is far more powerful to dislodge soil, remove hair and eliminate dirt. 

As one of the industries most advanced, reliable and economical air duct cleaning systems, it is what a professional duct cleaning service provider would invest in. From cleaning the coils, heat exchangers, fans to blowers, this is the most efficient and time-saving method any duct cleaner can use. 

The Best Duct Cleaning Service Provider in Melbourne

All in all, we have to make it clear that duct cleaning service should not be an add-on service to carpet cleaning. With a professional team, DuctMates guarantees you a superior duct cleaning service at the most reasonable price. Dial 1300 238 287 or email us at now!

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