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With so much innovation in the HVAC system, we also expect the same growth within the air duct cleaning market. However, apart from stronger vacuums and different methods of knocking debris off the wall of the air ducts, nothing much has changed. This is where the robotic duct cleaning comes in.

Before that, what do you know about air ducts?

Air ducts have a long history. They are being recorded in history as far back as the 7th century with the use of flues and chimneys by the Chinese and Greek civilizations. From then on, better and better methods of controlling the environment within a building has been discovered and utilized.

Today, air conditioning is achieved by using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are a synthetic organic compound used as refrigerants. They make up about 81% of refrigerants used in Australia. Evidently, we have come far from using ice and smoke to control the air around us. Even with such advancements, one thing remains unchanged: the need for maintaining the air ducts.

Gone are the days of people having to stick their limbs into the air ducts, potentially damaging the insides of the duct. Air duct damage is not only financially impacting but to your health and those around you as well. With the use of remote-controlled duct cleaning robots, the operator can see exactly where the dirt is, as well as navigate the complex ductwork of your home or office.

Air duct cleaning robots can get to every nook and cranny

Robotic duct cleaning uses a specialized, innovative robot that is equipped with a high definition camera that allows operators to see in real-time where the robot is headed. This brings about some benefits; the operator can check for any obstacles the robot may be facing, as well as perform a thorough check of the air ducts’ cleanliness.

Often, air duct cleaners miss out on the hard to reach places as some equipment is too clunky or some spots are hidden out of sight. With the robot, no area is hard to reach as it is remotely controlled, and paired with the camera, every nook and cranny will be cleaned in meticulous detail.

Duct cleaning robots are the master of all trades

Besides being equipped with cameras, the robot can also be equipped with the right tools for the job. Whether it is just a simple screening, cleaning or even spraying of protective coatings, the robot is the perfect instrument for the job.

That means no more bulky equipment having to be carried in and out of your house, and a brush can be equipped for most cleaning jobs. Using the brush, any and all dirt stuck to the ducts are removed. It is effective yet gentle on the air ducts to prevent damage. Debris that is stuck to the walls is loosened and then vacuumed out of your air ducts for better air quality for your family.

Moreover, some robots can also spray disinfectants and oils to clean the air ducts. This is the final step in cleaning out your air ducts; natural ingredients are used as a protective coating to reduce the amount of dirt in your air ducts in the future.

Experience the future of air duct cleaning

Robotic duct cleaning is still in its infancy but holds great potential to revolutionize the industry. Air ducts are a very important part of the infrastructure of your home, and only the best will do. With the availability of robots, your air ducts will be guaranteed to be slick and clean without any missed spots.

As technology moves further forward, autonomous air duct cleaning robots may even be the norm! This will eliminate the need for human operators, and thus reduce the chances for human error. Air duct cleaning will also be much faster with more robots being able to clean air ducts simultaneously.

Just think about it, we are truly living in the future.

Get healthier air with robotic duct cleaning today!

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