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The home air duct system is responsible for keeping the home interior heated or cool. With a well-functioning duct system, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature indoors regardless of the season. Duct cleaning Melbourne system, an expert duct cleaning service says, the air circulation happens over multiple times in the day through the ducts. The recirculated air is what you breathe which is filtered by the duct system. The air duct removes contaminants from within the ductwork. The powerful vacuum blows out the debris and dust while it recirculates. With routine air duct cleaning, you can get a clean-living environment, reduce allergens and irritants, make the home environment healthy, remove foul odor, improve airflow efficiency. Hiring a professional duct cleaning service will help you understand a few procedures they follow before and after duct cleaning. Here is a quick insight into what the best duct cleaning company will bring for you.

Do you use a Duct-Cam?

The anatomy of the air duct system is made of narrow winding tubes that maintain the heating and cooling conditions within your home. Dust and debris also settle in huge amounts inside the pipes. It is unhealthy to keep dirty ducts as it sends out a foul odor and restricts the heating and cooling of the unit. A thorough duct cleaning ensures that your home environment stays clean. Your air duct cleaning service must carry an air duct camera. A small digital camera is made to walk through the interiors of the ductwork. The camera is provided with illumination that brightens up each corner of the duct allowing the camera to record dust in the most remote part of the ductwork. Once the cleaning procedure is complete, the duct camera is made to run through the ductwork to ensure that no dust or debris remains inside the ductwork.

Are additional Duct Access Points needed?

While cleaning the duct system it is difficult to thoroughly clean through the gates that the duct system has. The duct interiors are filled with layers of dust and sometimes mold and residual debris that obstruct the air quality. Before the powerful vacuum cleaners are used inside the system, the dust and dirt are loosened with brushes. The company needs to create access points to enter their cleaning apparatus through those points. The original access gates may be directed to a single access location. The duct cleaning company ensures a wider coverage to reach the internal duct system. The duct cleaning service can gain access to the duct interiors by removing the access plates like air diffusers and end caps. Once the cleaning operation is over the technicians will ensure that all access points made by them are fully sealed.

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What determines the suction power of the vacuum?

The suction power is determined by the amount of dust the vacuum can draw. The power of the vacuum determines its capacity to suction. The unit is measured in watts. The vacuum dislodges visible dust and microns through negative pressure. Truck-mounted vacuums are a preferred device that has the capacity of suctioning 10,000 cubic feet per minute. The negative pressure created by the powerful vacuum system prevents contaminants to escape inside the room expediting the cleaning process. The enhanced cleaning action from the tools eliminates the chances of loose dust particles infiltrating the living spaces.

Are the interior walls of the duct cleaned?

A professional duct cleaning service will ensure that the cleaning process involves a thorough inspection and dust removal from the ductwork. As the duct system function over years the dust from the interiors of the room starts collecting on all the interior surfaces of the ductwork. The inner walls are equally coated with dust. For some reason, if there is scope for moisture to enter in the duct interior, in bends and edges of the wall surface or the area in close contact with the floor, a remote part in the core interior can be susceptible to mold. In that case, duct cleaning Melbourne services take special efforts to ensure that the wall surface is fully cleaned and sanitized. After the duct has been cleaned the duct cleaners in Melbourne disinfect it.

Should the air duct be sanitized after cleaning?

Whether the air duct should be sanitized after cleaning is a common question that most customers are curious to know. Your duct cleaning company should ideally answer that with an affirmative. Sanitizing the ductwork after it is cleaned is essential. Decontaminating the air duct ensures that mold and microbes are eliminated from the duct system. Sometimes companies use chemicals to disinfect the duct. This should not be permitted, however, if at all the chemicals are used the house should be evacuated and the house occupant must stay away for 2 to 8 hours.

 What guarantee do cleaners assure?

Professional duct cleaning services use highly trained personnel for performing a variety of processes for duct cleaning. They ensure that the ductwork is well protected and complete the duct cleaning work with special machinery and equipment. After cleaning they guarantee that not just the duct, but the house is guarded against dust. Before the cleaning process, the furniture and even walls are fully covered to ensure that dust does not settle on them. Once cleaning is done the covers are carefully removed ensuring that the room is just as it was before the work started. Robotic cameras traveling inside the duct system click photos and videos showing the difference after cleaning.

Why Ductmates?

Ductmates are a qualified duct cleaning Melbourne service that handles each project with dedication. They realize how important family health is and ensure that every house breathes fresh air. Contact for improving the quality of your life.

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