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How to Pick the Right Professional Duct Cleaners for You

All of us want clean, fresh air when we breathe in, especially when we are indoors. HVAC systems are our saving grace in a world full of air pollution. They help filter out air pollution from the outside and keep them away from our delicate lungs.

However, all that dust and debris has to end up somewhere, and that means your HVAC system will get dirty over time. Pollutants usually accumulate over time in various parts of the system, especially the filters and the air ducts themselves.

Therefore, clean air ducts are vital for you and your loved ones’ health. It is strongly advised that you do not clean your HVAC system yourself; it is not as simple as it seems. Some nooks and crannies are impossible to reach without specialised equipment. Besides that, you may end up damaging important components of the system, requiring expensive and extensive repairs.

So What Should You Do?

If your HVAC system requires cleaning, the best course of action is to contact your local duct cleaning services. They offer professional duct cleaning and maintenance of your air ducts. However, keep in mind not all duct cleaning services offered are equivalent. Unfortunately, as it stands, the duct cleaning industry is not standardised, leading to varying qualities of service. Poor workmanship will just lead to the same problems as doing it yourself!

A Quick and Easy Guide to Ensure Expert Service

Therefore, selecting the right duct cleaning service is very important. There are many businesses out there offering subpar services for premium prices. It all boils down to having to do your homework before deciding on a service provider. Ask questions and do a little research on the company, and you’ll be surprised at what you might find. 

This might seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help you. Here are a few tips and guides on how to properly assess the service provided by the duct cleaning service companies.

Tip #1: Equipment Used

An ill-equipped duct cleaner is a bad duct cleaner. When you ask a professional duct cleaning service what equipment they will be using to clean your air ducts, they should be able to properly explain how and why certain equipment is used.

There are two things every professional duct cleaner should have:

High powered vacuums (not store-bought ones!)

This is pretty self-explanatory; the vacuum sucks out all the dust and debris in the ducts, cleaning the system out effectively.

Rotary brushes or air jets

Different service providers may have one or the other but the end goal is the same – to loosen dust and debris that has settled and cannot be vacuumed out from the ducts.

You can read more about the different types of equipment used during duct cleaning here.

What you need to avoid: Avoid services that do not use vacuums. Cheap air duct cleaners often use blowers instead of vacuums to clear debris. To the average person, the ducts may seem clean after the “service”, but in reality, the dust and debris are just pushed further into the system. You can imagine the issues that will arise from such “cleanings”!

Worse still, the wrong equipment may even damage the inside of your air ducts. Repairing these damages will be a headache, not to mention the costs of repair!

Tip #2: Personnel Training and Experience

HVAC cleaning is a field that requires expertise that can only come from training and experience. Much like a doctor treating their patients, a person should be certified with the proper credentials before they should be allowed to work on your HVAC system. After all, HVAC systems fundamentally act as the building’s respiratory system!

Ideally, technicians should be attending courses and routine practice to provide you with the best service. As they say, practice makes perfect. Reputable companies always seek the best and latest techniques for their employees to apply, ensuring the best service.

Skilled and well-trained technicians will save you a lot of trouble in the future so be very careful. You wouldn’t want a clueless tech messing around with stuff they don’t understand, would you?

What you need to avoid: This might be a harder criterion to assess, as people can lie about their expertise in cleaning air ducts. However, if possible, ask them about previous projects they’ve taken up, as well as any certificates or licenses acquired by the company. Above all, follow your instincts. If you feel that they are just trying to make a quick buck off of you, consult other businesses that are more honest.

Tip #3: Look Up Reviews

The customer is always right (well, most of the time anyway), so it should stand to reason that reviews are important to read through before you choose a duct cleaner’s service. In this day and age, multiple websites are available for customers to leave their reviews of their experience with the business. You should be at ease if there are overwhelmingly positive reviews regarding their service. That means they are a legitimate business that values their customer satisfaction!

Better yet, contact them personally and ensure there were no problems with their HVAC system during and after the service. This allows you to confirm that the review is actually true and not paid for.

What you need to avoid: On the flip side, avoid businesses with overwhelmingly negative reviews. If a company cannot keep their customers happy, there is an issue within that you are better off avoiding.

You should also proceed with caution if there are no reviews on a company. However, if you are fairly certain after doing your due diligence that they can deliver what is promised, go on right ahead. You just might be their first positive review. On that note, if you are satisfied with the service provided, please leave a positive review as it helps out small local businesses tremendously. 

Tip #4: Compare and Contrast among Alternatives

The final tip for you is to not be afraid to enquire between various professional duct cleaning services. Different places will provide different answers to your questions, as well as differences in price and services provided. Always determine your needs and compare them with what is provided by duct cleaning services.

Besides that, get quotations and determine if your air ducts even require cleaning. Ask them to justify why your air ducts should be cleaned by them. Dishonest companies will find any reason to make you think you need their services. Thus, having the opinions of multiple experts should give you an idea of whether your HVAC system requires cleaning or not. 

Professional Duct Cleaning Service Provider

If you follow these tips, you have a high chance of selecting the right duct cleaning service for you. By doing your research on the services provided, you can make the best choice for yourself and your family.

Here at Ductmates, we provide free quotations and will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us at 1300 238 287 or fill up this enquiry form to know more!

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