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Duct Repair Service Melbourne

When it comes to hiring duct cleaners, most if not all, families thought of the aftermath. People are worried about the mess that they may face after the technicians left. Well, we can’t say for everyone but DuctMates offer professional duct cleaning services. 

Does Duct Cleaning Leave A Mess?

No, proper duct cleaning won’t make a mess of your home. As long as you engage a professional company to clean your vents, you’re good. Your home will be clean and tidy when they’re done with their cleaning task. 

While duct cleaning can be a messy business, a professional duct cleaning service team knows how best to clean a duct from head to toe. Using tarp or drop cloths to keep debris off floors and furnishings, applying plastic guards to protect walls and wearing booties over their shoes are just some of the best practices our technicians follow before the cleaning task begins. 

While servicing and cleaning your duct system, an expert equipped with sufficient knowledge will know how to use negative air pressure and seal those problematic areas and grills. We strive to carry out professional duct cleaning tasks, bringing as little disturbance to you and your family.

Can I Stay In The House During The Duct Cleaning Process?

Yes, for sure. You can stay in the house during the duct cleaning process. There is no need to leave as the process is kept neat and tidy. Also, we do not use any chemicals or harsh cleaning agents that would force anyone to find an alternative shelter. 

You should be aware, however, that the duct cleaning equipment does make some noise. You may need to stay away from the equipment and certain parts of your home if you work or study from home.

Besides, we will need to turn off the air conditioner prior to cleaning the ducts. Consequently, your indoor temperature could be lowered down during winter or higher during the summer. If you are sensitive to the temperature change, then we suggest you rather not stay in. 

Let The Pros Do The Job 

A dedicated duct cleaner will not only take care of the ducts but will also take precautions to prevent the accumulation of debris inside the home and perform any necessary cleanup. For that, consult a certified duct cleaning team with a demonstrated record of integrity and professional service, like DuctMates.

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