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duct cleaning service

Most modern homes in Melbourne have hot and cold duct systems. The duct system is responsible for maintaining the correct temperature indoors. The filters breeze the cool air to make your home interiors feel comfortable in the hottest weather. All through the winters, you may have experienced the warm air adding wellness irrespective of the cold winds outside. This untiring action of temperature balancing comes without complaints from your duct interiors.


How does it work?


The duct system is a network of conduits or passages that provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) facilities to your interiors. It works on three principles, supplied air, return air, and exhaust air. The ductwork includes the duct pipes, trunks among other components. These two are attached to the air handler that dispenses warm and cool air inside homes. The main pipe is called the duct trunk and the other tertiary pipes connect to the main trunk. These trunks and pipes are made of galvanized steel. However, since they need bending along the walls, flexible aluminum is often used in these areas and is called flex piping. 


The air from the outside is drawn within the HVAC system and cooled/ heated. The system mechanics forces the cool/hot air out depending on its setting through the air vents within the home insides. The efficiency of the air duct depends on its interior health. The cleaner the duct interior the fresher and cooler will be the quality of air. Air mixed with the dust and mold growing within the duct interiors will not have the same quality as a new or freshly cleaned duct interior will produce. Unlike your home interiors, the duct interiors do not need regular cleaning. Though the dust accumulates in the interiors the system is designed in such a way that periodic cleaning will make the ductwork function safely.


What do duct cleaners do?


Duct cleaners remove pollutants, dust, and mold from air duct interiors. Professional and reliable duct cleaning Melbourne services recommend duct cleaning after every three years. If you want to know what duct cleaning services do once they reach your home, there is a set of checklists they follow.


A thorough duct inspection is carried out by the duct cleaning service. Looking for cracks and leaks they will make a note of all the issues that need to be addressed. They will also take images of the duct interiors through robotics that are made to travel inside the duct interior, to determine whether the ductwork requires cleaning or the decision is premature.


If they deem that the cleaning process will improve the air quality of the duct system they have powerful vacuum cleaners that can effectively handle the dust and mold settled inside the duct walls. The brushes that duct cleaning service Melbourne carries are either manual or motorized and they travel inside the ductwork knocking off the dust which is collected by the powerful vacuum system. Identifying the leaks and broken duct pipe areas, the duct cleaners repair them while the cleaning operation is underway. After the cleaning is done the ductwork is sealed to keep away dust from settling immediately in the interiors.


How do you know you are hiring the right duct cleaner?


When you are hiring a duct cleaning Melbourne service, you need to know if the duct cleaning company follows the Australian Standards, HVAC Cleaning. Their employees must be insured and bonded. You must remember to ask for a written price quote. Make sure that before the Melbourne duct cleaning company starts cleaning your duct interiors they show photographic evidence on the actual condition of the duct interiors. You should not just go on what they say, ask for visible live proof. Reputed companies carry robotic cameras that capture the image of your ductwork. That way you will not feel cheated. If the company uses chemicals to clean the duct interiors, outrightly reject them. Ask if they will protect the family members and the home interiors while the cleaning process is underway. They must cover all the interior surfaces so that the dust and debris that is released from the ductwork should layer on the covers and not the furniture and floors. You must also want to know the operating location of the duct cleaning service Melbourne. Melbourne is a huge city and if you are looking for a cleaning service in Darebin or Whittlesea, will they be able to provide service in that location or any other suburb.


Is duct cleaning expensive?


Duct cleaning takes place after every three years unless there is an unprecedented reason that compels you to have the duct interior cleaned. The condition of the duct interior determined the cost of and the charges of the duct cleaning service Melbourne. Not every home is the same and not every duct architecture in those homes will fall in a similar pattern. The condition of the duct interior too will vary. Therefore it is difficult to state a cost without inspection of the duct interior. A trusted duct cleaning company will offer you a transparent view of the duct system. They will measure and weigh the urgency and if they feel that the duct cleaning process can be stalled for a few months, they will advise you to wait till autumn instead of rushing you into duct cleaning to make money from trusting customers. Trust reputed duct cleaning service Melbourne. Do your research and select the right duct cleaning service for maintaining your ductwork.


Can you find a local duct cleaning Melbourne service?


Duct cleaning is mostly a local service with local service providers familiar with your locality and pollution level in your area. A local duct cleaning service comes with a platter of advantages. You can track them down easily if something goes wrong, call them at your convince, know the workers by face if not their names. Your duct cleaning Melbourne service will have served houses in the neighborhood and that will help you to get reliable reviews over unsure online ones. Choose a local service that holds accountability and believes in long-time business dealing. You can trust such a company.


Why should you call duct cleaning Melbourne, Ductmates


Ductmates is a reliable duct cleaning service that serves Melbourne and its local areas. Earning a reputation they have a strong sense of integrity as they follow a transparent policy when it comes to duct cleaning. With over nine years of experience in the field, they have earned an assured reputation for having a well-trained team with the most advanced equipment. If you are looking for a company that you can depend on visit to book an appointment.

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