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Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

Have you ever wondered what can happen to your commercial property if you neglect commercial duct cleaning services?

See, your vents at home require regular cleaning. So do the commercial duct system. In fact, the HVAC system in commercial properties, such as office buildings, schools, restaurants and hospitals, do a lot more work than in homes.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Air Ducts?

To cater to diverse applications for commercial facilities, commercial HVAC systems are usually built larger and more intricate. Designed for heavy-duty and long-term work, they need to be monitored more extensively around the clock, or contaminants can build up real quick. 

  • Mould Settling On Your Ducts

While mould can grow and spread on virtually any surface, the duct system creates conditions favourable to mould and mildew. The warm and humid environments in your ducts, along with poor ventilation, can trap moisture and cause condensation. 

Over time, spores that spread will be blown through your building. Not only will your ducts produce a musty smell but also causing the building occupants to fall sick.   

  • Dust & Dust Mites Lurking In Your Ducts

You sure know the importance of eliminating dust as you hire routine cleaning services for vacuuming the carpets, wiping the windows and sanitising the common areas. What about the dust in your ducts then? 

Do you know that the return air registers are prone to gathering layers of dust? Out of sight, out of mind? Let us remind you that the dust and the mites will be part of what you breathe in unless commercial duct cleaning services take place on a regular basis. 

  • Pest Remains & Waste 

Pest, such as cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats, can invade your HVAC system, regardless of the duct system is clean or not. But of course, pest tends to gravitate to dirty ducts more than clean ducts.

By chewing and scratching, they can cause damage to the ducts. You may even find rodent carcasses, besides their waste, in the system. Eww, how disgusting? 

Commercial Duct Cleaning Services For Healthier Air

To keep them at bay, let the pros do it. Only until you get the ducts cleaned, mould, dust, pests and their waste remain in the ducts. Engage a professional commercial duct cleaning service provider and have greater peace of mind.

If you and your building occupants experience health concerns or believe your HVAC system isn’t operating properly, contact us now! You may reach us at 1300 238 287 or [email protected]

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