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Summer is here and the demand for ACs is on the rage. Yes, everyone prefers to feel the essence of cool air emitting from the AC vents on a hot, sultry day. What no one cares for is their maintenance. Air duct cleaning is one of the prime maintenance techniques relating to your AC. According to experts of local duct cleaning companies, it refers to the elimination of indoor air contaminants and dust from the air duct. Some individuals think of duct cleaning to be a waste of money, as their opinion is that their AC is functioning for several years without causing a problem. So, why take the pain unnecessarily? If you feel the same, this is high time you should change your thinking, at least, after reading this blog.

Concept of air duct cleaning

With the increasing number of ACs in households, the concept of air duct cleaning has gained popularity in recent times. It refers to having your entire duct system cleaned encompassing the supply, intake, and vents. Moreover, air duct cleaning may also comprise washing the grills, fans, registers, and furnace. Most homeowners prefer to hire a professional to complete this process, as the cleaning procedure is a bit complex.

Equipment used in duct cleaning

Generally, professional duct cleaners implement a variety of accessories to wash the air duct. They range from small handheld tools to heavy equipment as listed below:

  1. a) A simple mirror/periscope
  2. b) CCTV camera with flexible cables
  3. c) Brushes
  4. d) Vacuums
  5. e) Other agitation devices

Reasons to clean your duct

The top five reasons to clean your air duct are listed below:

  1. a) Facilitates a healthy living environment:

    Dirty air ducts degrade the air quality in your house. Allergens and other bacteria circulate in the air which leads to serious health issues like allergies, respiratory troubles, asthma, etc. Staying in this poor air quality for a long time is unhealthy and should be avoided in all instances. If you clean the air ducts after regular intervals, it creates a more comfortable environment and thereby, leading to optimum functionality of your AC.

  2. b) Improves airflow:

    A dirty air duct will restrict the flow of air. The main culprits are grime and dust. The flow of fresh air through your ventilation systems gets limited due to this clogged ductwork. Professional duct cleaning can curb this instance in a precise fashion.

  3. c) Saves energy:

    Dirt and debris build-up will cause an HVAC system to function harder than it normally should. In most cases, the accumulation of dirt and debris block coils, restrict airflow, and spike energy bills. A research study highlights that about 25-40% of energy is wasted by households through forced air systems. So, if you clean the air ducts, you can reduce your monthly energy expenses by a significant margin.

  4. d) Sweeps away bad smells:

    Nobody prefers to live in a foul-smelling house. The main reason behind stale, musty smells in your home is a dirty air duct. More specifically, it is transmitting contaminants around your house and doing very little to remove any bad smells. Cleaning the duct will solve this issue, and you will feel the stark difference in air quality instantly.

  5. e) Long-lasting HVAC system:

    Undeniably, your HVAC system is one of the most costly items in your apartment. So, you don’t want a short-term affair with it. But the thing is, you have to be proactive in your approach to make it long-lasting. Systems that are not properly maintained break down within a year. So, cleansing the air duct of your HVAC is a critical part of maintenance and making your device function as new. Hire a local duct cleaning company and fulfill this objective in a precise manner.

Steps involved in duct cleaning

Go through the below steps to get a deeper understanding of the duct cleaning procedure:

Step 1: Pre-inspection: After arriving at your location, the air duct technician will evaluate the air duct system. It involves scrutinizing all the access points to the duct while assessing its condition. It will help the duct cleaner decide which cleaning technique to be used.

Step 2: Applying negative pressure that facilitates debris removal: Thereafter, the technician will get hold of the vacuum collection unit and generate negative air pressure in the air ducts. It will ensure that dust and debris won’t spread around the house and get accumulated in the vacuum collection unit.

Step 3: Final walk-in through evaluation: After the professional duct cleaning procedure, the technicians perform another inspection of the air ducts to ensure that nothing was missed and the ducts are impeccably cleaned.

Aspects to consider while choosing a duct cleaning company

Choosing a reliable duct cleaning company isn’t an easy job. There are several aspects to consider as listed below:

  1. a) Professional experience: It’s always advisable to choose a duct cleaning service that has been for at least four years in the business.
  2. b) License: Before hiring a duct cleaning service, ensure that it has a valid license.
  3. c) Pricing: You also need to check the pricing scheme before hiring a duct cleaning service.
  4. d) References and reviews: More than 84% of people trust online reviews when it comes to hiring an agency. The same applies to a company offering duct cleaning services.

Should you opt for duct cleaning services?

The answer is ‘YES.’ Duct cleaning isn’t a waste of money as it comes with several benefits. Not only does it promote a healthy environment in your home but it also enhances the functionality of your AC in absolute terms. However, some individuals consider the air ducts to be cleaned on an ‘as-needed’ basis due to the continuing uncertainty about the advantages of duct cleaning in most instances.

Wrapping Up

Duct cleaning is an essential part of household maintenance. If you are unsure about whether duct cleaning will be a good idea for your home, talk to the professionals of a local duct cleaning company. They can give you effective insights in this regard.

If you are looking for a high-quality duct cleaning service, may be the right choice for you. Here, the professionals know the nuts and bolts of duct cleaning that set them apart from the rest.

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