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evaporative duct cleaning

An evaporative cooling system utilises evaporation to cool down air in your home, office or warehouse. Over time, its warm and humid environment can grow bacteria and mould if not serviced regularly. 

Hiring an evaporative duct cleaning service will ensure that the cooling system is thoroughly cleaned and maintained to ensure system efficiency in addition to passing on clean and cool air. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have House Vents Cleaned? 

Instead of figuring how much it costs, we suggest you look into how you will be quoted for an evaporative duct cleaning. In this article, we hope to shed light on the factors impacting the market rate of this service. 

In fact, there are quite a few factors that can affect the price range for evaporative duct cleaning. It varies depending on …

  1. The duct quantity
  2. The size of ductwork
  3. The ductwork type (commercial or residential)
  4. The duct material
  5. The duct condition (+accessibilty)
  6. The level of contamination
  7. The type of agent used
  8. The number of crew members needed for your project

Four Common Pricing Structures For Evaporative Duct Cleaning

While you’ll end up spending anywhere from AUD 100 to AUD 1,000 or more on evaporative duct cleaning, the service pros commonly break down the prices in one of these four ways, including:

Flat Rate

Some service providers introduce packages and charge a flat rate to certain services. Usually, an additional fee per vent will be incurred when the size or the number of ducts exceeded the stipulated limit.  

Per Vent

Many evaporative duct cleaning companies build their prices based on the number of vents you have in your place. That is so because each of your vents connects the central system to each room via the ducts.

Square Feet

Some cooler cleaning experts prefer to charge the service by the overall square feet of your place. So the bigger the project is, the more you can expect to pay. 

Trip Fee 

You may also be billed based on a flat rate for the trip to cover overhead. Then, add on each vent separately to the initial trip fee.

DuctMates Evaporative Duct Cleaning Package

At DuctMates, you’ll be charged based on the number of vents. Since houses vary, you’ll need to get a quote to know exactly how much you’ll pay. Call us today to find out how much your project will cost. Our technicians will go to your place and perform an inspection before quoting. 

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